Cobblestone Tour Charters

Looking to organize a group activity? Cobblestone Ottawa Bus Tour Co. is exactly what you're looking for. We always have a vehicle available for your event; rent a bus in Ottawa with us!

Buses available all year long:

Definitely the cutest option in our fleet, this bus is photogenic in itself! The true vintage nature of it (1986) makes it even more special for any occasion.

The vintage Bristol double decker bus is great for movie scenes and for stylish activities. Enjoy a trip back in time in our exquisite retro double decker!

Buses available from Spring-Autumn

Experience the true joy of the open sky in our open air bus that gives you a picturesque view. Click on the picture for more info!

Lady Dive Tours Ottawa

By far, the most unique vehicle of our fleet…this bus goes on land AND water! Ottawa is one of two cities in Canada where you can experience this thrill, make sure to book fare in advance for your event. 

This bus has a roof (with a glass ceiling) for those who are wishing to be separated from the elements! All windows are openable in order to have fresh air rushing in. The relaxing ambience will keep you happy all the way through.

Why choose Cobblestone?

We have vintage heated buses that are beautifully decorated in festive lights. We have bilingual guides who are well versed in Ottawa’s history in both French and English. Our drivers always do their best to provide a smooth driving experience and to accommodate the needs of the guests. During the winter time, Cobblestone is the only available tour in the National Capital.

Cobblestone charters give you the option of planning your own route or of allowing us to plan the route for you! We are always capable of accommodating the needs of various groups by stopping at different locations, picking up anywhere in Ottawa and the region, and dropping off wherever is needed. We are your one stop shop to rent a bus in Ottawa

How to reserve a charter for your group

Email us at

Call us at 1-613-562-9090

Visit our Contact Us page in order to send us an email directly.

We hope to have you on board soon!

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